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1. Background of DOUBLE E ( EASY TO RECYCLE AND EASY TO REGENERATE) certification

  On September 15, 2021, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment issued the "14th Five-Year Plan for Plastic Pollution Control Action Plan" to further improve the entire chain of plastic pollution control system. The plastic circular economy has gradually penetrated into all walks of life, establishing a complete The plastic recycling industry standard system is imminent. On this basis, the Green Recycled Plastics Supply Chain Joint Working Group (“GRPG” for short), led by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation and China Materials Recycling Association, was born and took the lead in formulating The "General Rules for the Evaluation of the Design of Easy Recycling and Recycling of Plastic Products" and the implementation rules have been released, as well as the corresponding Double E certification mark "Hui Zibiao", which has played an important role in establishing an independent standard system for my country's recycled plastics industry.

2. Double E Certification Evaluation Criteria

  "DOUBLE E ( EASY TO RECYCLE AND EASY TO REGENERATE) certification " means easy recovery and easy regeneration. It starts from the recycling and regeneration link, from the main material of the packaging, auxiliary materials, easy recyclability, easy regeneration, environmental friendliness and safety. The recyclability is evaluated and scored, and the scoring results are set to two levels of qualified and excellent according to the application field.

Legend of Double E logo: With five stars, it is an excellent grade; without five stars, it is a qualified grade.


  In the "Guidelines for Design and Evaluation of Easy Recycling and Recycling of Plastic Packaging", it is stipulated that the excellent level must meet: 1. The proportion of a single material of the main material must be ≧95% (hard packaging) or ≧90% (flexible packaging); 2. There shall be no 0 points item. The qualification level must reach: 1. The proportion of the main material is more than 80%; 2. The PVC material cannot be used. Because traditional composite plastic flexible packaging needs a variety of different material combinations to meet the requirements of use, due to the different physical properties of each layer of materials, separation and recycling are difficult, and there is no renewable value. The discarded packaging is basically incinerated or landfilled as waste, giving the environment It brings a lot of pollution and carbon emissions. When a single material reaches a certain proportion, it can be remade into similar packaging or other plastic products through physical regeneration. Therefore, it is imperative to promote a single material to replace traditional composite plastic flexible packaging.

3. Integrity in action

  Chengde Technology has been committed to implementing the "Packaging 2025 Plan", researching and applying new green multi-functional materials such as Mono-PE composite film, PVA coated high-barrier film, etc., to provide reliable environmental protection and low-carbon recycling development for plastic packaging products s solution. At the end of 2020, the company took the lead in introducing the German "Reifenhauser" MDO unit, and jointly developed the MDO polyethylene product "MDOPE" with Reifenhauser, which achieved good printability and reliable performance indicators of MDOPE. (Put the device picture)

4. Successfully passed the double-easy certification

  This time Chengde Technology applied for Double E certification products, which used the company's MDOPE material, launched all PE material structural packaging bags, and carried out limit tests according to full-page ink printing and minimum size indicators* (Note: full-page ink printing test means that the Odor, TVOC and solvent residues put forward higher requirements; the minimum size design test puts forward higher requirements for the content of a single material, and the Double E standard requires a single material to account for ≧90% to be rated as a five-star excellent level), and certified products are entrusted by SGS, etc. Authoritative third-party testing agencies conduct testing on odors, halogens, heavy metals, TVOCs, and harmful substances, and all indicators meet the standard requirements. (plus company certificate)

  As a leader of single-material recyclable packaging and a promoter of plastic packaging recycling, Chengde Technology helps brand owners realize the "2025 plan" for environmental protection in advance, and contributes to the sustainable development of the packaging industry.

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