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Chengde Technology Practicing the "Double Carbon" Action of Environmental Protection Enterprises | Taking the Road of Green and Sustainable Development

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Chengde Technology 1980kwp Distributed Photovoltaic Project Grid-connected Power Generation

This project uses the roof of Chengde Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Chengde Technology") to build a rooftop distributed photovoltaic power station with an installed capacity of 1980kw. transformer. The installation method adopts the color steel tile photovoltaic bracket to lay along the roof angle.

Principle of photovoltaic power generation

The project is located at No. 888, Shiji Avenue, Longgang City, Zhejiang Province (our company address), east longitude 120.510617, north latitude 27.551273. The annual sunshine hours reach 1300 hours, and the average daily irradiation amount is 1620KWH/square meter.

Photovoltaic power generation is a technology that directly converts light energy into electrical energy by utilizing the photovoltaic effect of the semiconductor interface. The key element of this technology is the solar cell. After the solar cells are connected in series, they can be packaged and protected to form a large-area solar cell module, and then combined with power controllers and other components to form a photovoltaic power generation device. The advantage of photovoltaic power generation is that it is less restricted by regions, because the sun shines on the earth; the photovoltaic system also has the advantages of safety and reliability, no noise, low pollution, no need to consume fuel and erect transmission lines, and can generate electricity and power locally, and the construction period is short.


Photoelectric conversion efficiency Electricity generation, carbon reduction


Photoelectric conversion efficiency

The photovoltaic project uses Trina 550wp solar modules

The project uses first-tier brand Trina 550WP solar modules, with a conversion efficiency of 21.3%. It has excellent anti-attenuation performance and good low-light power generation performance, and has a service life of up to 25 years, meeting customer requirements for installed capacity and power station quality.


Electricity generation, carbon reduction

The project is expected to generate about 2 million kwh annually and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 1,500 tons.


Looking to the future

Chengde Technology: Longgang City Shiji Avenue No. 1 Factory (Photovoltaic Project)


Chengde Technology: No. 2 Factory in Longgang Economic Development Zone

At present, under the background of promoting environmental protection  "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality", Chengde Technology has been taking actions to actively respond to the national "3060 plan" in advance, through multi-channel green new energy emission reduction, heat energy recycling and other measures, to reduce energy consumption to a minimum.At the same time, Chengde Technology's "China Functional Polyethylene Flexible Packaging R&D Center" focuses on the qualitative change of single-material recyclable packaging from trial production to mass production, and contributes to the sustainable development of the plastic packaging industry!

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