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Chengde Technology participated in the formulation of "Antimicrobial Plastic (Composite) Flexible Packaging Group Standards"

Update time:2022.09.24       Views:521

Released by Shanghai Packaging Technology Association

Antimicrobial Plastic (Composite) Flexible Packaging Group Standard

Chengde Technology participated in the formulation of the standard as the main drafter of the document


Antibacterial plastic (composite) flexible packaging formulation content

The scope of this document:

· This document specifies the classification and structure, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, marking, packaging, transportation and storage of antibacterial plastic (composite) flexible packaging.

· This document applies to antibacterial plastic composite films and bags for food packaging.

· This document does not apply to paper-based composite films and bags.

(For details, see the group standard: T/SHBX 012-2021)




The effect of standard issuance on the industry

Antibacterial plastic packaging

  In daily life, our food is easily eroded and contaminated by microorganisms such as bacteria, yeast, mold, etc., resulting in rapid deterioration and corruption of food, thus endangering people's health. In order to prevent food from being attacked by bacteria, one preventive measure is to make the inner layer of plastic packaging with antibacterial function, instead of injecting antiseptic and bactericide into the food. Through the constant contact between the inner surface of the material and the food, the growth and reproduction of bacteria on the surface of the food is inhibited, so that people are not harmed by bacteria, and the preservation period and shelf life of the food are effectively extended.

  This standard describes the antibacterial plastic (composite) flexible packaging that can inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria.


Chengde Technology Experimental Testing

Microbial Antibacterial Laboratory

· Microbial preparation room

· Microbial balance room

· Microbial Reagent Room

Testing and Inspection Center



Antibacterial test

Inspection standard: QB/T2591-2003

Step 1: Prepare the sample

Step 2: Configure Reagents

Step 3: Preparation of bacterial suspension

Step 4: Sample Pretreatment

Step 5: Test after sample pretreatment

Step 6: Calculation of test results


Both antibacterial rates are >99%, with strong antibacterial effect

Microbial antibacterial products


Research direction of Chengde Technology antibacterial agents(fourth generation)

Antibacterial effect test report of Chengde Technology antibacterial products.



Chengde Technology - Antibacterial Product Map


Looking to the future

  Chengde Technology adheres to "customer-centric, providing customers with more valuable packaging materials and services, and is committed to becoming the most competitive enterprise in the packaging industry"! At the same time, the company will continue to develop and innovate patented inventions, and contribute to the sustainable development of China's flexible packaging recycling and utilization!

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